National seminar in MD

Wednesday June 29th, 2016 Conferences, News

On March 30, 2016, at the Technical University of Moldova, a National Seminar was organized within the framework of the project to present experiences, realities, problems, prospects and projected outcomes of the system of training teachers in Moldova.
A broad discussion was to analyze best practices with regard to continuing education training in higher education institutions in Moldova and Europe, recent trends in innovative pedagogy, e-Learning, the benefits and risks of remote, technology, innovative pedagogy, methodological bases E-teaching and others.
Agenda of the seminar included speeches from Mrs. Larisa Bugaian, vice-rector of the Technical University of Moldova, Mrs. Tatiana Gherstega, Directorate for Higher Education and Science Development, Ministry of Education, Mrs. Cristina Herman, Coordinator National ERASMUS + Office in Moldova, Mrs. Valentina Priţcan , vive-rector of the State University “A. Russo “, Mr Andrei Braicov, Tiraspol State University and national coordinator of the project, and Mr. Valentin Amariei, vice-rector for continuing education at the Technical University of Moldova and host of the event.
The workshop agenda included a series of presentations on:
– analysis of target groups and stakeholders in continuing training of higher education institutions in Moldova (speakers: Valentina Botnari, Igor Șevcenco, Maria Ianioglo,Corina Negară, Iulia Corman, Simion Caisîn, Dinu Țurcanu);
– summary of best practices in organizing training centers in Moldova and Europe (speakers: Valeriu Cabac, Sergiu Corlat, Veronica Prisăcaru, Ludmila Fedotova, Simion Caisîn, Petru Vârlan);
– innovative pedagogical approaches, including those based on using information and communication technologies (speakers: Irina Todos, Maria Vasiliev).
The event contributed to the exchange of experience between project participants and facilitates the transfer of knowledge to devise a complex network of collaboration between Moldovan partners.
The seminar was completed with a visit to the TUM Center for Continuing Education, the organizer of this event.

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